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6ft. Water Wheel
We have our 6foot water wheel available in pre-assembled kit form, this Water
Wheel kit comes with written directions,,  this is the easiest waterwheel kit we have.
This waterwheel is closely scaled down from our 12 foot waterwheel.
6 foot  watermill wheel
6 foot. Water Wheel  Kit
** Treated & Stained ** All our  Wheel s comes Stained at No Extra Cost !!
* 17 inches standard width.  
*Standard axle,1-1/2'' x 3ft long solid steel
*Standard,1-1/2 sealed pillow block bearings.
*6FT Water Wheel shipped pre-assembled kit.
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Barrel option if Yes
6 Foot Water Wheel & BARREL KIT  
Comes with 6 foot WaterWheel, Bearings, axle & Hubs and Barrel kit. Barrel kit includes,
. Barrel, pipe, chains & hooks. Barrel comes ready for water hookup. Pipe & Water spigot are already installed.
Stand Not Included,  however the plans and All measurements & details on Barrel stand will be included
with barrel kit. Estimated cost to build stand under $75  uses one-6x6 and three 4x4s                                           

$1495 plus  shipping & handling ( US only  )         
water wheels to
*Central Georgia
*Sumner Washington
*Wrightwood California
*Hazlehurst, GA
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6 foot WaterWheel
$1395 plus  shipping & handling.
6ft. Water Wheel
6ft. Water Wheel
Our 6foot water wheel is great for small to medium ponds where you don't have room
for a large  wheel. The 6ft waterwheels are built on a scale based on our larger Water
Wheels. Built using over 392  3in. Coated weather resistant  screws
6 foot water wheel Bolted together with 64 carriage bolts!!
6foot waterwheel comes pre-assembled.
WaterWheel comes treated and stained
All our  Wheel s comes Stained at No Extra Cost !!
The 6 FOOT Waterwheel can be Picked up by buyer at our shop Fully Assembled for the same price
listed below, minus shipping charge. .  
Click here to see our WaterWheel   Kit Assembly Details
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6 Foot Water Wheel
Order Now and save  on the 6ft WaterWheel !!!
6 foot waterwheel and barrel kit to TX
6 foot waterwheel kit
Order Now and save on the 6ft WaterWheel !!!
Shipping can range anywhere from
$140 to $375 depending on where
you live!!
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