8 foot waterwheels in GAat Lotts Grit Mill built by Sullivans Waterwheels. See our many sizes mill wheels and water wheel kits
4ft water wheel, Great for smaller garden ponds & landscape
8 ft waterwheels, Landrum, South Carolina with barrel fountain/ gardenponds, great landscaping idea in pre-assembeled kits
with the barrel fountain kits the watr drawen out ponds, streams, or garden ponds into the fountain of the barrel to the waterwheels and recycled back into the garden ponds.(Beautiful addition)Great home and garden idea!
10 ft water wheels. Great addition to any landscaping/home and garden/fountains, Brings in a lot of attention for this church located in Spartanburg, SC
8 ft waterwheels/  Campobello, South Carolina. These gorgeous waterwheels are greatly enhanced with the barrel fountain located above. Can be installed on garden ponds, great for landscape, home & garden, yard/ (SC)pre-assembled kits
12 ft mill wheels for larger landscaping needs, ponds, or yards this mill wheels 12 ft in Boiling Springs, SC
Water wheels bring attention to your landscape, yards and home and garden or garden ponds. 8 ft waterwheels Boiling Springs, South Carolina order yours now.
12ft water wheels SC Great focal point for Home and Garden or Business!!!
All images, Material & Designs on this site is property of Sullivan's WaterWheels !!!!
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All images, Material & Designs on this site is property of Sullivan's Waterwheels !!!!
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Sullivan's Waterwheels (Home)
Our Waterwheels Are available to you  
These beautiful waterwheels will give life and attention to your yard and landscape. The sound of water
and the motion of a water wheel will put you in a relaxing , peaceful state of serenity. With all of the new
landscape ideas becoming more popular the need & want for garden ponds is a great addition to all
landscaping. With a Sullivan's Water Wheel churning   your garden pond, your landscape will be the envy
of all your neighbours. We  ship our waterwheels everywhere in the continental U.S. And a few other
Nations occasionally.
Sullivan's waterwheels , A small family business, located in the South Carolina Foothills! We want
everyone to be able to own a beautiful relaxing waterwheel of their own!  Whether it be for your
garden,pond,or as a beautiful addition to any landscaping, home and garden & yard large are small. We
strive to bring you the best.
Pre-assembled kits installed in a day or less (we make it as easy as we can for you)
Here at Sullivan's waterwheels we make  buying and installing as easy as we can for you. With our
pre-assembled kits theres no need for a crane or   forklift for installation . Our water wheels are
designed to be assembled on the stand, so when your finished with the assembly,  it's ready to turn.
We've done the hard part for you, we have broken them down in 8 sections for easy reassembly.
We offer our standard 6, 8,10, & 12 foot water wheels in pre-assembled kits; 4 foot  water wheel is fully
assembled;  however larger or smaller water wheels may be available for  special orders ..
Our barrel option(something different & exclusive from us)
We wanted something different that would set our  waterwheels apart from all others. With our barrel
option  your waterwheel can be freestanding and the focal point of your landscape, yard or garden.  With
the barrel option our waterwheels need not be attached to any type of building, unless that is your desire.
Flumes are also unnecessary .Our barrels are handmade in our shop and ready for hookup  to the pump
you desire. It is also part of Sullivan's Waterwheels Image & trademark.
If You don't have a pond
With the growing popularity of garden ponds, now its easier then ever to build one yourself. Lowes, Home
Depot & most garden centers  carry all you will need,including pond liners. They also carry "How to
Guides" that instruct you step by step on what to do. You can build simple garden ponds for less than you
would expect.
4ft  Water Wheel
Installation is available in our service area on the 8ft and larger water wheels.
10ft Wheel
12ft Waterwheel
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SPOOM:The Society for the Preservation of Old Water Wheel
Mills promoting and providing Mill related information. Lots of
water wheel info. & locations where you can visit old water wheels.
8 foot Water Wheel on a river in Hendersonville NC Built by Sullivans Waterwheels and assembled on site from our mill wheels kits
6 foot Water Wheel in Cane Creek NC. the 6ft water wheels are one of our most popular Water Wheel kit sizes. We have ship many of these waterwheels all over the USA. The 6ft water wheel is a great fit anywhere.
6ft Waterwheels
Visit Our Photo Album
To see some of the Water Wheels we've built .
Lots of Waterwheel Pictures!!!
Sullivan Waterwheels page
See Some of the  millwheels we've built at
We now have our mill wheels all across America, also  wheels in Puerto Rico , mill wheels in Canada and Mill Wheels in the Caribbean
Water Wheels
Wooden Water Wheels
Our New 4 foot waterwheel -A Functional waterwheel fountain feature for garden and yard
Sullivan's Waterwheels is Keeping the wheels spinning!!!
New 4ft wooden Wheel , barrel fountain Unit with wheel landscaping
America's nWater Wheel Craftsman
America's  Water Wheel Craftsman
8ft  Water Wheel