4ft water wheel, Great for smaller garden ponds & landscape
Our 4foot water wheels are great for small ponds were you don't have room for
a big water wheel. They are built on a scale based on our larger Water Wheels.
Built using over 292  3in. Coated weather resistant  screws
The water wheel comes fully assembled. All you need to do is reinsert the axle
thats been removed for shipping.
4ft. Water Wheel (Wheel fully assembled)
** Treated & Stained **
*13 inches standard width.  
*Standard axle 1in, 2 ft long solid steel
*Standard bearings 1in, sealed pillow block
* 4 ft Water Wheel shipped fully assembled.
Shipping can range anywhere from
$140 to $300 depending on where
you live!!
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your shipping cost..
Item # 4FWO
Ships freight
$895 plus  shipping & handling.
USA  Continental 48 States ONLY !!
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Wheel size
Barrel option if Yes
4 Foot Water Wheel & BARREL KIT  
Comes with 4 foot Water Wheel, Bearings, axle & Hubs (item #4FWO) and Barrel kit. Barrel kit includes,
12in. x 10in. Barrel, pipe, chains & hooks. Barrel comes ready for water hookup. Pipe & Water spigot are
already installed.
Stand Not Included,  however the plans and All measurements & details on Barrel stand will be included
with barrel kit.                                                                 
 Item # 4FWB    

$995 plus  shipping & handling ( Continental US 48 )                      
4 Foot DIY Water Wheel    
Comes with one completely assembled 4FT  stained  Water Wheel minus  axle, bearings, hubs and
A 1/8 pilot hole dilled where axle hole is to be drilled, This gives you the ability to use any
size axle you wish.   

$745 plus shipping & handling ( Continental US 48 )                      
Prices will change without notice !!!
***We keep no extra stock, built on order only.. *Unless Noted
All water wheels built on a prepaid basis only and are usually shipped within 2 to 4 weeks.
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4ft. Water Wheel
4ft. Water Wheel
4ft. Water Wheel
The DIY water wheel is our newest option, the water wheel comes already  assembled however,
it does not come with Axel, bearings or hubs. With the cost of steel rising we have had some to
ask us for this, we've had some to use steel water pipes  and  make  bushings out of wood. The
cost of this should be under $30.
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This button DOES NOT Reflect Shipping
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Shipping Later.  
4 Foot Water Wheel
* Availably - 2-4wks
New Deluxe 4ft Waterwheel unit