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Water Wheel Built in New Zealand from Water Wheel plans
HI Jarrett,
I am sending you a photo of my water
wheel from New Zealand which I
made  from your planes.
The water wheel turned out awesome
thanks to you. Bought planes around
Sept 2006 Regards Trevor
Thought you might like to see what our parade float looked like.  It was a
two sided float with mirror image displays….two working
waterwheels… based on your design.  Came out great!....And, we won
first prize….Thanks again..
Stephen Jones Construction Official
Township of Millburn
Millburn, New Jersey
Mr. Sullivan here is a picture of my Water
Wheel that my so Jason Gowan built from
your plans. Debra Gowan Anniston,Al
Water Wheels built by others using our Water Wheel Plans
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Built from your plans. John,  WA
Heres a picture of the water wheel i made
using your plans thanks i am enjoying it.
Jarrett, we have just finished the construction.  The waterwheel was easy
to build thanks to your detailed plans.  We had a lot of fun for $ 10.  And
now, with some pulleys, belts, an alternator and a convertor,  we have our
own electricity!
Henriette and Joep, ,  France.  
Thought you might like to see our
grand prize float with a waterwheel
we made from your plans.
HI Jarrett,
I am sending you some photos of my waterwheel construction from
Villa la Angostura, Argentina which I made from your plans.
Construction was two months in part-time, from buying wood to final
coating Still not installed on the ground, when I have completed the
pond will send you the final picture Thanks to you.
Regards Eduardo Bastida
Thank you very much for your help.
Attached are progress pictures of the wheel I
built.  As you will see I did modify it a bit
from your plans, I opted for the octagon
shaped wheel.  This truly was one of my most
enjoyable projects to build.  Thank you very
much for getting me pointed in the right
direction. Jerry